The Whatever It Takes campaign and Geant

The Whatever It Takes campaign is excited to announce the launch of its new partnership with Geant. This newly launched campaign is designed to grow demand for the “Whatever It Takes” charitable brand of celebrity products and support for our campaign in the UAE market.

The Whatever It Takes collection, featuring ‘symbols of hope for the 21st Century’ drawn by leaders in the worlds of fashion, film, television, music and sport, has captured the imagination of a burgeoning conscience consumer market in the UAE, keen to buy products that reflect their ethical concerns. By combining great design with a global humanitarian mission the Whatever It Takes product range offers consumers an easy and affordable way to support global causes.

Founder and Director, Dr. Charlotte di Vita MBE, said “This campaign represents a big step for growing awareness in the UAE and we at 21st Century Leaders are delighted to be engaging directly with such a vibrant and philanthropic market, with the help of our new partner, Geant. We see this move as a timely recognition of the growth opportunity available to the charity sector in the UAE. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Geant for making this exciting move possible, as we continue to develop the presence of the charity in the region."

21st Century Leaders in Geant Dubai, UAE

To date over 600 celebrities and global leaders from the worlds of fashion, film, television, music and sport have donated artworks to the foundation and form the basis of our “merchandising with meaning” Whatever It Takes campaign. Our supporters in the UAE will be able to contribute to their favourite causes by purchasing the most up to date products, designed by our celebrity leaders now available at Geant in their UAE stores.

21st Century Leaders Foundation

Founded by Charlotte di Vita in 2003, when Nelson Mandela appointed her as a Goodwill Ambassador to his Children’s Fund, the 21st Century Leaders Foundation aims to leverage the influence of leaders in their field and popular culture to cause positive change. 21st Century Leaders Foundation’s mission is to assist and encourage a generation of influencers - royalty, Nobel peace prize laureates, and well-known figures in the fields of film, music, fashion, art and literature - to raise awareness and funds for international development causes, thereby leading the way in promoting positive environmental and sustainable human development solutions.

21st Century Leaders include Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Sir Paul McCartney, Sir Roger Moore, Sir Bob Geldof, Sir Richard Branson, George Clooney, Nicole Kidman, Donna Karan, David Bowie and Coldplay – to name just a few – and the campaign has grown to include contributions from over 600 Leaders which have enabled 21st Century Leaders Foundation to raise over $4,600,000 to date and awareness for multiple charitable projects.For more information please visit:

Whatever it Takes

Whatever It Takes is a unique artwork campaign launched by 21st Century Leaders Foundation. Over 600 leaders in the worlds of fashion, film, television, art, music and sport, have donated their artworks and have signed messages of hope for the future. This artwork is used to design and create a variety of lifestyle products which are then sold to raise funds through 160 retail partners with 1600 stores which include Harrods in the UK, Bloomingdales and Macy’s in the US, Lane Crawford in Hong Kong & Virgin Megastores across the Middle East, amongst others. Whatever It Takes works closely with their leaders to assist and encourage a generation of influencers to take ownership, engage in positive action, raise awareness among their communities, and champion the solutions to poverty and environmental degradation. Whatever It Takes raises funds for key global development causes, including poverty alleviation, the protection of children, and environmental conservation.For more information please visit:

Geant Hypermarkets

Seven years after its launch at Ibn Battuta Mall in May 2005, Géant continues to maintain its dominant position as New Dubai’s favourite hypermarket. The result of a collaboration between BMA International, a GCC-based business group and the French Groupé Casino, one of the world’s largest retail chains, Géant’s collaboration with Whatever It Takes is another example of its commitment to charitable causes supporting global development as well as betterment of the local communities it serves. Geant’s rapid growth has always been driven by the need to create great customer experiences.

For more information please visit:

Ethical Policy

Whatever It Takes is a licensing programme that raises funds for charities through product partnerships, as part of the 21st Century Leaders mission to raise funds and awareness for global development causes. Crucially, we do not wish this to be at the expense of those who make the products. 21st Century Leaders therefore requires all Whatever It Takes product suppliers to demonstrate that the manufacturers in their supply chains provide good working conditions to their workers. For 21st Century Leaders, this supply chain may include not just the main production sites but also the suppliers that make the packaging and other peripherals.

21st Century Leaders takes its core understanding of good labour standards from The International Labour Organisation and uses The Ethical Trading Initiative's Base Code as a tool to assess working conditions.  In order to demonstrate good working conditions supplier factories may have to be independently assessed against the ETI Code and, where necessary, 21st Century Leaders works together with partner suppliers and their manufacturers to improve working conditions through a programme of corrective actions and training.

21st Century Leaders recognises that trading ethically and responsibly so that all in the supply chain benefit is not just a matter of a one-off assessment but of continuous engagement and we work with partner suppliers, manufacturers, independent social verifiers and other stakeholders to this end.For Further information please visit: